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West Virginia Firearms Update

House Bill 4145 makes WV a constitutional carry state. This means, under certain conditions, a person may legally carry a concealed firearm without a permit. However, if you want or need reciprocity, you must still go through the permit process. Besides, training is a good thing!

West Virginia UPDATE March 4, 2016:

The new version of the NRA Basic Pistol Course, needed to obtain a concealed carry permit in West Virginia, is online at The cost is $60 for the online training, payable through PayPal. You’ll need a Windows or Apple computer and a connection to the Internet. Then course is also supported on many hand held devices.

Although I am a certified instructor, I am taking the course as a student to get the full student experience. I’ll report later how it all went. Remember, under this new system, you will need to take the online course and see an instructor for the hands on and range portions of the certification.

West Virginia Firearms Training

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Changes to the Concealed Carry Class

The Basic Pistol Course for getting your conclealed carry permit is changing. Read More.

Concealed Carry Class (Handgun Training)

Our next NRA Basic Pistol Course(s) for obtaining a Concealed Carry License also known as a Concealed Carry Permit, or Concealed Handgun License, valid in either West Virginia or Ohio is:

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The course delivery is changing! More Details

Call 304.927.8757 or come by: 151 Main Street, Suite 1, Spencer, WV

West Virginia NRA Firearms Training

Why choose us for your concealed carry class?

"Bill, I enjoyed your NRA course very much and got a lot out of it, I would highly recommend you and your teaching to anyone, thanks again."
---Charlie Staats

"Remember how you said you'd welcome any feedback? Well, I checked around town and yours is the best class, hands down. You really do a fine job teaching."
--Name Withheld

We offer membership in the NRA for a discounted price and this is optional. People under 21 years of age may take the class, and we offer the course to minors only with parental/guardian approval and attendance during the class. The NRA Basic Pistol Course is an excellent way to learn about pistol ownership, responsibility, marksmanship, and safety!

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