West Virginia Personal Solutions

Firearm Protection

Is it time to start carrying a firearm?  Perhaps you do not want a firearm, but still need reasonable means to protect yourself.

At Gross Security, we offer a variety of non-lethal solutions.  We carry a range of self-defense items and can provide some practical (but not legal) advice on the use and carry of such items. If you are inclined to carry a firearm, then we can also meet this need. 

We teach the NRA Basic Pistol Course, to the NRA standards for concealed carry permit applications in West Virginia and Ohio.  This class covers basic firearm ownership, including things like: open carry versus concealed carry; cleaning the firearm; training; marksmanship fundamentals; safety; handling; loading; unloading; types of ammunition; firing positions and much more. 

More details about this class and others are available on our NRA page, or you can call 304-927-8757 for the next class time & date.

Individual Computer Training

  • Are you learning a software product and need just a quick question answered every once in a while?
  • Do you need to see the 10,000 foot view before you land and get tangled in the digital weeds?

We offer several training solutions:

  • Computer – personalized, individualized instruction. 
  • Group instruction tailored to the group’s needs.

We have decade’s worth of experience and almost as many teaching. We can provide an on call, or consulting arrangement for your training needs, or just be available for the quick question.


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