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West Virginia - Gross Security - Private Investigator News

2016 World Investigator's Conference

We attended the 2016 WIC in Montgomery, Texas. Amazing conference!

Security Conference

We attended the Secure WV information technology security conference, November 6-8, 20105, in Charleston, West Virginia. Learn more about the Con at

Reid Interview & Interrogation Course

Reid Interrogation & Interview Course

Benjamin Moore (Moore Investigation and Security Agency) and I attended the Reid Interview and Interrogation Course this past week (July, 2015) in Charleston, WV.  The cost for the 4 day event was about $500.  This particular event was hosted by the Kanawha Sheriff’s office at the Coonskin Park Pool/Lodge and we were provided coffee, soda, and snacks, but not lunch.  PISPWV was well represented!  Bill Signorelli’s son Chris was there, too.

Our instructor, Richard J. Byington CRT, is a highly accomplished and experienced interviewer with over 25,000 interviews to his credit. His presentation was very interesting, informative, and well prepared.

The course material is thoughtful and well arranged, the presentation visuals are ok, but the speaker’s presentation was amazing.  He played dozens of actual video clips of the Reid Technique in action – real subjects being interviewed and interrogated. Fascinating! The material follows closely what the military teaches, and contains a good dose of behavioral psychology.  They encompass body language, gestures, motivations, themes, and responses of someone who is truthful and someone who is deceitful. In fact, as I took notes, I started using the abbreviations TP and DP (truthful person/deceitful person) to save some time.  If you have ever thought, ‘this guy is lying to me!’ then this class will give you the skills to identify exactly what behavior is deceitful, and a technique of questioning to draw out the truth.

Their website is

If you are a member of PISPWV you can receive a slight discount in the price; mention PISPWV when you inquire.

If you ever have the occasion to interview someone, even non-custodial/non-confrontational, this course is definitely one I would highly recommend.  

I personally and professionally recommend this course.  Police, Investigators, even human resources people would benefit from this course.

On the weekend after the course, I talked with a WV State Policeman and asked him about the course.  Hard to get a word in edge wise after mentioning it.  He took the course eight years ago and credits the technique with solving 24 high profile felonies!

Authorized Rep/Partners

We formed new relationships and are now authorized vendors/partners with the following companies:

New Association

We are now a member of the Association of Certified Background Investigators.

New Association

We are now a member of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association .
Read more about our associations and affiliations on the Gross Security Associations page.

New Association

We are now a member of the American Criminal Justice Association.

New Credit Card Chip Technology

Coming soon to a credit card swipe machine near you!  Magnetic stripe credit and debit cards suffer from fraudulent use; the U.S. is switching to the chip embedded cards in October 2015.  Gross Security, LLC offers consulting services and will work with your company to ensure a less painful transition to the new technology and PCI compliance.  The liability for fraudulent use changes, too.  Read more…

Continuing Education

10 June 2014 – I attended the Interviewing and Interrogation/Deception Detection class at Glenville State University, presented by Thomas L. Kirk, Director of the WV Intelligence/Fusion Center.  Excellent presentation, good food, and superb facilities complemented the event.  If ever you get a chance to listen to Mr. Kirk present a training session or university class, you will not be disappointed.

6-8 June 2014 – I attended the Private Investigator Class as presented by Dr. Mike Mounts. Although the class is primarily designed and targeted towards folks new to the PI field, I found the material to be interesting and informative. Mike draws from an amazing background to give practical and professional instruction/advice for the novice and seasoned investigator alike. Perhaps the best result of his class is the opportunity to network with other investigators and those soon to apply for licensure.

New Membership

Gross Security, LLC is now a member of the National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS).

Gross Security, LLC is now a member of the Roane County Chamber of Commerce. Here is their June 2014 Newsletter.

Quarterly PISPWV Meeting

Saturday, 17 May, 2014, I attended the quarterly meeting of the Private Investigators and Security Professionals of West Virginia. The event was held at Student Union of West Virginia State University. A couple of university professors delivered a brief message on learning styles as they apply to interviewing techniques (good stuff!), and a brief history of the development of our legal systems. 

Perhaps the best part of the event was the chance to network with other security and investigative professionals.  For example, I learned about E. R. Munro Company, who offers bonds for various professions. When it comes to private investigators in West Virginia, the bond cost is less than half of what I was originally paying another company.  E. R. Munro has a new customer!

Another great find is a private investigator course (3 day seminar) June 6, 7 and 8 offered by Dr. Mike Mounts.  You can learn more about this course on his website, If you are interested in PI training, this will certainly meet your expectations.  I am already licensed and signed up anyway for Mike’s course; he is an interesting man with a fascinating background.


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