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At Gross Security, we have much to offer businesses from practical, hands-on advice to human resources assistance. Our Private Investigations department conducts preemployment screenings while our business consultation unit provides readiness planning, disaster recovery planning, testing and a range of other services.

Disaster Recovery/Readiness Planning (DRP)

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, some businesses ceased to exist; others suffered greatly and a few transitioned to their “hot” sites and never missed a beat business wise. Every business regardless of size should have a disaster recovery plan; federal regulation requires a DRP in some industries. We can help you build, evaluate and test a disaster recovery plan, as well as implement certain portions of the plan.

If your management team is considering cloud services for data resiliency, you harmonize with current industry trends. However, like any good thing, there are certain considerations and pitfalls with moving your precious data to a cloud provider. We can advise you on the choices available and help you make informed decisions.

Preemployment Background Checks

Hiring the right person for the job is challenging. Big companies have extensive human resource departments and can conduct thorough screening in house. 

Smaller businesses, however, do not have those resources and sometimes need a way to screen applicants. As a licensed private investigation firm, we have the people and expertise to conduct thorough background investigations. 

Learn more about our per-employment screening services on the Private Investigations page.


E-discovery can be one of the most expensive 10 letter words in the English dictionary. E-discovery describes a legal (read - expensive) process whereby electronic records, including e-mail, instant messaging chats, documents (such as Microsoft Office documents files), accounting databases, CAD/CAM files, web sites, and any other electronically-stored information which could be relevant evidence in a law suit. Also included in e-discovery is "raw data" which forensic investigators, like our experts at Gross Security, can review for hidden evidence. The original file format is known as the "native" format, but attorneys may demand for e-discovery in one of several formats, including paper, native and images.

We can help you prepare for e-discovery by analyzing your record keeping practices and recommending technology solutions. If you maintain any type of electronic records, you really should review your self-imposed storage and retention requirements, if any. Establishing ground rules before the courts start demanding records is an excellent way to limit the scope of what can be demanded. Depending on your industry, state and federal law may require certain minimum and maximum constraints on your record keeping practices. Regardless, the mentality of 'keep everything, indefinitely' is usually not a good idea, especially when it comes to e-discovery.

Bug Sweeps

Are your worried that someone installed a camera, microphone or other type of listening device? We have the tools to sweep a room to discover rogue recording and transmitting devices, both camera and microphone. More information is available on the Private Investigations page.

Data Destruction

Do you have old computers collecting dust in need of proper disposal? How about that box of old floppies and CDs? Don't just throw them away because data can easily be recovered. Instead, you should properly destroy the information. We provide this service. We destroy data and media in three ways: logically, magnetically, and physically. We use tools that allow us to achieve the Department of Defense Standard (DoD 5200.28).

Media Types

We destroy the following types of media: DVD, CD, 5.25" floppies, 3.5" floppies, hard drives (IDE, SATA, SCSI), USB cards/chips.


We provide a signed certificate of destruction attesting to the method, standards, and date of destruction.


We offer a variety of consulting services; please call for details.

  • Got a salesman pitching the latest and greatest "system"?
  • Do you want someone on your side that understands the technology?
  • Do you want someone who can ask intelligent questions?
  • Do you want to know if you really need that $12,000 server when a $2,000 one will do?
  • Are You In Need Of Computer Experts?

We can help with sage advice, fact and opinion based on 20+ years of experience.  If you are an individual or a business and need help managing your technology, implementing a project, or just finding out which technology solution best fits your individual or company needs, we can help.

Could your small to medium-sized business benefit from on-site IT solutions that seamlessly integrate with the latest technologies, streamline strategic IT planning and provide reliable solutions along with 24x7 support? We can help.

What if you could get all this while saving money and not adding a single employee? We can help.

Our diverse team of highly trained, certified computer consultants and engineers stay current with the latest technologies and systems, while our in-depth industry expertise assures our customers receive standardized, tested solutions and best business practices for their specific environments.

From computer consulting and computer services to business network consulting, let us provide your expert, end-to-end IT local outsourcing.

Business Training

Do you desire a formal presentation, in house or otherwise?

We have the resources to prepare a limited seating classroom with student equipment, presentation media, handouts and (gasp!) homework, all designed to meet your specific training objectives.

The founder of Gross Security is an adjunct professor at a local university and quite adept at teaching a variety of topics.

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