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West Virginia Alarms, Locks and Video Solutions

"Our homes are our castles", as the saying goes. We do agree!

At Gross Security, we offer a variety of services designed to increase your protective posture and to deter crime against your property, person and/or place of business.

Locksmith | Alarm Installer | Video Security Systems

For home, business or commercial sites, we can recommend cost effective security solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

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Our preferred alarm system, installed by a WV licensed electrician, comes with no monthly fees; when the alarm is activiated, it sounds the siren(s), blinks the light(s), and it calls in sequence up to six numbers with a recorded message; you can have it call your cell phone, car, a caretaker and/or your local 911 dispatcher. Owners can remotely control the alarm and even listen in. The system is wireless, easy to use and does not require any long term maintenance or monitoring contracts!

Get these great features with a landline or cellular alarm system from Gross Security, LLC:

  • Alarm system prices include installation
  • Base system includes one hour of training time from our techs
  • No annual or monthly contracts!
  • Multiple sensor types make this a Whole Home Security Solution!
  • Great for commercial spaces, too
  • All systems fully customizable
  • Multiple zones
  • Entry and exit delays
  • Pet friendly motion sensors
  • Landline base system must be located near (< 6') a phone line or additional cabling charges may apply
  • All work performed by a West Virginia Licensed Electrician
    Specialty Fire Alarm/Low Voltage, #WV-21130814-SP-FA/LV

Key Features:

  • Remote Dial In and Listen to Room
  • Remote Dial In and Arm or Disarm
  • Calls Up To Six Numbers
  • 72-Hour Backup Battery
  • Support For Up To 99 Sensors
  • Optional Door Chime
  • Programmable Delay
  • Beep Alert for “Telephone Line Cut”
  • LCD display panel
  • Programmable Zones
  • 32 Wireless Zones and 7 Wired Zones
  • Siren and remote siren
  • Strobe Lights

Additional Sensors Available Include:

  • Motion Detectors (Normal and Pet Friendly)
  • Glass Breakage Detectors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Gas Leakage Detector
  • Water Level Detector
  • Vibration Sensors
  • Wired Sensors
  • Remote Control Key Fob
  • Remote Control Keypad & Matching RFID Key Chain
  • Panic Button
  • Sirens: Indoor/Outdoor, Strobe Lights
  • Solar Siren/Light
  • Booster Unit/Signal Repeater (If Needed)


Gross Security, LLC maintains a certified locksmith on staff and available by appointment only; we offer a limited variety of locksmith services.


We design, install, and service various video recording and surveillance systems.

The capabilities of a modern device are truly astounding! For example, some cameras can continue to record a wide shot, while the intelligent system digitally zooms in and simultaneously records a close up shot of someone walking from their car to the building's front door.

If you need a technician to service your system, or are considering a video system to enhance your security, give us a call at 304-205-1174. We start with a free consultation to define your security objectives, goals and budget constraints; then we work within those guidelines to provide the customer with a manageable, reliable, and dependable system.

Security Assessment/Audits

How secure is your home? As security experts, we can provide you with a consultation.

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