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West Virginia Private Investigator Services


We are listed on PI magazine:

Gross Security Company, LLC is a licensed private investigation firm, bonded and insured (including E&O) in the State of West Virginia.  Our company offers numerous services such as process serving, skip tracing, surveillance, and investigation; we specialize in digital forensics.

So, you are thinking about hiring a private investigator?  A lot can be said about what to look for, and we will expound on this later.  Quickly, though:  Check their license status!  In West Virginia, use this link:

Go ahead and check my license – search on William Gross and Private Investigator.  Then, just for fun, clear the fields and search on type: private investigator and status: denied, terminated or expired.  You will see why we suggest you check the license before you hire someone.

Many Private Investigators and Firms are one person operations and conduct their businesses from their home offices. Although this reduces overhead, it sometimes gives the client an uneasy feeling when the Private Investigator’s address is a PO Box.  At Gross Security, we have a commercial office space in downtown Spencer, on Main Street; this business model suits our customer’s needs well as we provide other security related services and training in house. If you prefer, you can visit us in person by appointment. If your need is a sensitive matter, we can meet privately in our office.

Our coverage area includes anywhere in West Virginia and in some cases, we serve clients nationwide. Depending on the nature of the case and thanks to modern technology, we conduct investigations virtually anywhere. Moreover, our relationship with various other private investigator firms and associations with security organizations allows us to meet a diverse client need.

Read more about our company, founder and standards on the About Us page.

An excellent resource for private investigators or those interested in the industry is PI Magazine. We subscribe, read every issue cover to cover and highly recommend the magazine! Check them out ===> Private Investigators - read PI Magazine, the trade publication for private detectives, police detectives, SIU Investigators and anyone interested in learning how to become a PI. Both print and digital subscriptions are available.


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We are licensed to conduct all investigative and surveillance activities in West Virginia.

West Virginia Investigation

Investigation is the core of what a Private Investigator does. A good PI is a trained researcher, question asker, interviewer and fact searcher.


A civil investigation usually begins with an analysis. We meet with the person requesting the investigation to discuss the budget and objectives and then decide on a course of action. We will approach the case using a variety of investigative techniques to get the answers and the evidence. We may incorporate into the investigation surveillance, background checks, witness interviews and statements, photographs, and other techniques to acquire the facts necessary to prevail.


Family investigations encompass infidelity, online dating and child custody issues.


Criminal investigations are usually initiated by law enforcement; however, their depth, scope, and duration of investigation are limited by time, budget, personnel, political, and other influences. A private investigator can continue the investigation.

Gross Security, LLC offers these other services:

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