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We use a variety of means to scrutinize the background of an individual, depending on the scope of work and breadth of assignment. The investigation methodology includes proprietary database searches, interviews, and in-person visits to various courts.


Our investigation finds personal relationships, prior criminal history, work history, licenses, bankruptcy documents, possible liens/judgments, corporation filings, business registrations, UCC filings, associated businesses, associated people, Internet domains registered, current and previous property ownership, IRS 5500, possible current motor vehicles at address, FAA aircraft registrations, watercraft registrations, Dun & Bradstreet reports,  neighbors, property ownership, phone numbers, professional licenses, criminal records, sexual offenses, death records, media, and social networking.

Witness Background Checks  

Background checks of a witness will be explored and documented in-depth, utilizing the above breadth.

Expert Witness Background Check 

One cannot discount the influence of the “CSI Syndrome”, a term coined by prosecutors to describe the jury’s apparent insatiable need for hard science evidence, when truthfully, most trials cannot afford the time or cost of expensive forensic laboratory analysis.  Therefore, the expert witness' role is crucial in most trials. Gross Security, LLC conducts background investigations using the breadth as described above to establish the work history, education, and credentials. The conclusion is a comprehensive examination of the “expertise” of the expert witness. Are they published? Are they peer reviewed?

Alleged Victim Background Check

In any trial, civil or criminal, a good strategy for defense is to attack the charges, attack the evidence for admissibility, and to interview all witnesses. Does the victim have a history of these complaints? Is there some underlying reason for the lawsuit? Our background checks will validate the complainant’s position.

Pre-employment Checks | Due Diligence

Employees are expensive. So is litigation and cleaning up the aftermath of hiring the wrong person. Increasingly, companies are being held accountable for the employee’s actions and the judgments and awards for damages can be devastating. Schools, hospitals, and other positions of trust already require a background check of prospective employees.

Gross Security, LLC can screen a new applicant or hire by examining their background and providing a comprehensive report.  Another suggested use is for screening an established employees before a promotion to a managerial or role of increased responsibility. Perhaps the position requires a certain level of education or experience; we can validate much of the person’s claims on their resume.

Other Persons

Depending on the analysis of the case and necessity, background investigations can include interviews of current or former employees, industry sources current or former executives, and other witnesses.


Our background checks and investigation efforts are compiled from various resources into a comprehensive, professionally produced report.

Our Private Investigation Services include:

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