West Virginia Investigation and Security Service Fees

For most people, the thought of hiring a Private Investigator can be overwhelming; the need for private investigation services most often accompanies an unpalatable event in their business or personal lives. Cost becomes a big issue. Our rates are competitive compared to the national average.

What is your retainer?

Retainers vary based on the case. We calculate an estimate of the work required to give our customers a solution; this creates a budget and a plan.

The unsued portion of retainers are promplty returned to the customer.

How is my cost calculated?

Costs are based upon the terms of the contract, complexity of the investigation, and scope of services needed to bring about a successful conclusion to the case.

What about travel?

We bill the IRS approved rate for mileage and miscellaneous items like parking fees and toll both charges. If the investigation requires overnight, air, or overseas travel, these charges are billed as incurred.

What are your hourly rates?

Simply put, it depends. We prefer to solve problems and provide solutions within a planned budget. Sometimes, this requires subcontracting for certain expertise. Some investigations require several investigators. We strive to keep our rates low and choose instead to focus on solutions.

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