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A primary role of most private investigators is the service of legal process, also known as process service. A private investigator is especially equipped to serve summons, complaints, subpoenas, and orders to appear. In West Virginia, the requirements are simple: the process server must be age 18 or older and not connected to the case. However, a good process server utilizes investigative methodology, people skills, interpersonal communication techniques and conflict resolution to find the recipient, deliver the legal papers, and document the event in an affidavit, all while conducting themselves professionally and delivering the final product to the customer in a timely manner.

All work is conducted by Licensed Private Investigators and an original, signed, and notarized affidavit is provided as required. State laws vary - Florida, for example, accepts affidavits scanned and sent by email. We will adjust the response (paper or electronic) according to your needs.

Variables affecting the cost of a process service include distance, timeliness, and accuracy of the recipients' address. Your local Sheriff will make only one attempt. We are able to pursue the recipient across state lines and in rare cases, across international borders.

Normal Process Service

We make up to three attempts at the address you provide and the first attempt is guaranteed within 72 hours of our receipt of the paperwork. We charge per person, per address, fee in advance and we do not bill for mileage - this gives our customers a flat rate service fee.

Many times in the service of process industry, the person being served has relocated. In this case, we will locate the person and serve them at another location; these services require additional work and bill additional rates.

Normal Service Rates

Give us a call at 304-205-1174 to discuss your specific needs. We will glady provide a free estimate for your process service based on your specific needs. Need it done ASAP? We will be happy to help, for an additional fee of course. Give us a call!

Complete Solution

For the difficult to locate subject, such as those people purposefully avoiding being served, we use our skip trace expertise, and sometimes network with other trained and licensed professionals to extend the reach of process service virtually anywhere. These services carry an investigative retainer and are billed at an hourly rate.


We require fee in advance. We can accept most major credit cards over the phone.

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