West Virginia Skiptrace, Missing Persons, & Locate Witness

Do you, your business, or legal firm need to locate someone?  We are here to help. Whether you are seeking a long-lost friend, a debtor, a witness, or for whatever (legal) reason, our skills will benefit you.  Sometimes folks need to locate a missing person, other times folks need to find or locate a witness. Our society is fluid – people move around. Other cases involve establishing the identity of the subject first, then proceeding with the location effort. Sometimes, even the most impossible case with the tiniest starting point will successfully materialize.

Our agents leverage several techniques to find even those who are trying to “live under the radar”:

  • Internet Based Efforts
    • Non-commercial, proprietary, and investigator’s only database searches from several vendors
    • Public records
    • Military records
    • Death records
    • Inmate records
    • Social media (dozens of sites!)
  • Paper Based Efforts
    • Letter writing
    • FOIA requests
    • Missing posters
  • Legwork
    • Interviews (friends, employers, colleagues, former employers, pastors relatives, neighbors, landlords, and ex-spouses)
    • Phone calls
    • Passing out flyers
    • Possible Criminal Records  
    • Sexual Offenses
    • Driver's License Information
    • Motor Vehicles Registered To Subject
    • Traffic Accidents  
    • Concealed Weapons Permit  
    • DEA Controlled Substances  
    • Professional Licenses
    • FAA Certifications  
    • FAA Aircraft Registration 
    • Watercraft
    • Voter Registration   
    • Hunting/Fishing Permit  
    • Bankruptcies 
    • Liens and Judgments 
    • UCC Filings  
    • Property Ownership
    • Friends, Family, Distant Relatives, Neighbors
    • In person visits to their favorite places

The price for the search depends on the amount of effort required and in some cases, our work is free.

After we exhaust the simple searches, we use our combined Internet, Interpersonal Communication, and Deductive Reasoning skills to build a psychological profile. People need money to exist, so oftentimes following their money trail is the best approach. Other techniques include interviews, visiting their favorite hangouts, and posting flyers; each approach is different based upon the circumstance of the case.

Our Private Investigation Services include:

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