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West Virginia Tech Services

Do you sometimes need a reliable computer technician? That’s our niche. Let’s face it, IT professionals are expensive and many small businesses just don't have the need or budget for a full time IT guy. That’s where we step in with experienced, trained and certified technicians—on call and as needed. We like to maximize technology and minimize cost. So, whether its building websites, removing that pesky virus, getting your organization compliant with HIPAA/SARBANES-OXLEY, dealing with SPAM, or teaching your staff Microsoft Word, we bring on demand IT expertise to central West Virginia.

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On Call Technicians

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We develop and deliver a customized training events or entire programs for your company. Perhaps you have employees with a need for a block of training to improve their skills in common business software like the Microsoft Office family of products (Word, Power Point, Publisher, Excel, Access).  We provide that training at a level suited to the audience (introduction, adult continuing education, college, or advanced).  We also offer one on one instruction with preplanned outlines or more loosely arranged formats.

Service, Repair, and Maintenance

We offer computer repair for windows based desktops and laptops.  At this time, we are taking on only commercial clients.

Service Area

Our service area is constrained by the type of service needed.

  • In Person Service - limited by geographic area to the following counties: Calhoun, Jackson, Roane, Wirt, and Wood; other counties by exception.
  • Remote Service - no geographic limitations; after hours service is available too, and required in some commercial situations.

Remote Service

If your computer can connect to the Internet, we can establish a remote connection and one of our technicians can fix your problems. We offer remote support; our program does not install anything and provides the client a onetime use password that must be provided to the technician before he can connect. You remain in control of the connection and you see what is happening; the session is made over a highly secure https connection, so any information is safe in transit.  Simple, safe, and non-permanent remote connections provide you with peace of mind. 

Are You Cyber-Safe?

Data Backups

There are 2 types of people in this world:
Those who have already lost data and those who are going to lose data!
So, the only three things guaranteed in life are…
       Death, Taxes and Data Loss!
The bottom line is you need to back up your data. Whether you have a massive server farm or a single home computer, we can provide answers to questions and reasonable recommendations for a comprehensive solution.

Test Your Backups

Oh, and once you start backing up your data, you really should test the system periodically. There's nothing worse than having a system fail and then finding out the last years’ worth of backup tapes are bad. We can build, implement and test a system for you or we can teach your staff how to maintain a system; either way, you can be sure your data, the very lifeblood of many organizations, is preserved beyond mishap, accident and disaster.

Which one is right for me?

We'll help you figure the best choice for protecting your data from among these technologies: NAS (network attached storage), SAN (storage area networks), online backup, traditional tapes, DVD/CD, hard drives, network resources, and server only.

Psst! Keep "IT" Secure!

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